Preface: John Mashni is an entertainment lawyer that has helped Eightfold grasp the ins and outs of film law. As commercial filmmakers, Eightfold understands all too well the conflicting yet overlapping nature of art and business, her... (continued)

    Eightfold’s move to Detroit was an inevitable stepping stone in the company’s growth. It started with countless drives back to the city building business and community from afar. Later, the search for the perfect space began. The team... (continued)
  • The Art of Getting Naked

    Bodies: they’re weird. And stretchy, and flabby and exotic. They’re beautiful and bend strangely. They come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re our truest form of self, and what we carry our souls in. We dress ‘em up and do... (continued)
  • Directing for Mercedes-Benz

    Hey - Andrew Vallentine here. I recently had the opportunity to direct a fun branded short film for Mercedes-Benz about home automation with a Google Home. It’s incredible what these automakers are doing with integrating home devic... (continued)
  • Rigging

    What makes the film industry unique is the diversity of the work. One week will be dedicated to glamorous wedding dresses while the next is jammed with trucks driving through mud. In the G&E department, rigging grips must be prepared... (continued)
  • How to Write Creative Copy: A Step by Step Guide

    Stare at a blinking curser for five minutes. Don’t look away, you need to write something good. You don’t have a lot of time. Nothing. Get more coffee. That should help. That'll definitely help. Do I want to make iced coffee... (continued)
  • Going down the rabbit hole - Finding inspiration

    As a filmmaker, inspiration is one of the most valued treasures. Whether it’s for a short film, concepts to pitch to a client, or even a feature, inspiration is something that we are always searching for. It’s that spark, that little i... (continued)
  • On-set footwear & style

    Almost everyone has feet, if you work in film & television, they’re going to be used a lot. So what’s the best way to fashionably express the latest in footwear whilst also maintaining comfort and professionalism? Hush, Cruce Grammatic... (continued)
  • “How the hell did I get here?”

    “How the hell did I get here?” That sentence comes into every film director’s mind when they are in the middle of a shoot. For my last project, it had a much more literal sense. Nuzzled in a pocket of desert that somehow bordered Ca... (continued)
  • The Simple Word "No"

    Being a creative person you tend to hear a lot of no’s. When you’re a kid and you want to draw on the wall – no. When you’re a high school senior and you want to be a theater major in college– no. When you graduate from university and ... (continued)