The Art of Getting Naked

Bodies: they’re weird. And stretchy, and flabby and exotic. They’re beautiful and bend strangely. They come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They’re our truest form of self, and what we carry our souls in. We dress ‘em up and do strange things to them to feel beautiful. We show them to people we care about and let others love us through them. It’s such an inviting thing to let someone see your body; arguably the purest form of vulnerability, and yet: We’re scared of them. We’re scared of the words. The feelings they emit. Select parts of our bodies and seeing them in public: A mother feeding a babe in public, a nipple on social media, the word “vagina” on posters. Isn’t that the craziest oxymoron, to love something so much but also be afraid of it?

Let yourself dress up, by dressing down. You are your most beautiful art and it’s an amazing compliment to be loved for your purest self. As a photographer and (sometimes) model, I understand the vulnerability and fear of getting naked, especially in front of the camera. But, something I’ve learned is that you must love your self and your body to successfully love others and open your mind to the unseen.

Let others see you. See your spine, your collected skin. Your scars and flaws, because they’re not flaws; they’re you. Perfectly imperfect, because “perfection” doesn’t exist. The understanding and acceptance of differences is perfection.

Some may think that I don’t understand this vulnerability, these self-conscious thoughts, because of my appearance or size, but I hear ya, babe. I’ve thought twice about my ethnicity, wishing my eyes were bigger, my body longer, if only I could lose that extra chub on my arms. No, this is toxic thinking, friends. I’ve felt what you’ve felt, maybe not in the same ways or at the same times, but self-love is (super-fucking) key to being successful, whatever that may mean to you. Body positivity is essential. For those body shamers and people making you feel badly, you don’t need that in your life. They’re probably more upset with themselves, but projecting on you, so don’t take offense. We’re all challenged at different points but I hope we can all rise to the same (inner)peace. Everyone doubts themselves at some point, but I challenge you to seek comfort in who you are and what you’ve got, because you’ll be traveling with it for some 100 years or so. So you better get comfortable. Get acquainted. You’ll only become a better human by opening your mind and loving harder.
Written by: Marina Choy, Photographer