Directing for Mercedes-Benz

Hey - Andrew Vallentine here.

I recently had the opportunity to direct a fun branded short film for Mercedes-Benz about home automation with a Google Home. It’s incredible what these automakers are doing with integrating home devices and your car and Mercedes is leading the charge.  Mercedes came to me directly in November to create this video to premiere on their social media channels in January and to showcase the new technology at CES 2017.

When we started we had about two weeks to prep for the spot, including shooting in Los Angeles at two different locations, and filming car to car driving sequences in Downtown LA. The creative for the video was pretty straight forward, the team at Mercedes knew exactly what they wanted. They were primarily counting on me to execute on their vision.

We were obviously very cautious with how we shot the Mercedes, but the additional challenge in this video was showing other all the other devices: the Google Home, Nest, and Android Watch. It was like we really had four different high profile products in the spot, and I think we did a great job at showing them off. 


Technically speaking we shot on an Arri Amira, with a set of beautiful Cooke S4/Prime lens. We opted to film in 2:40, giving us a much more cinematic looks to the spot, as it was narrative driven. We had a small crew of about 25 people, and shot the spot in Los Angeles, CA. 

Watch the full piece on our featured page or here.

Directed & Produced By: Andrew Vallentine 
Producer: Brittany Kay
Director of Photography: Doug Potts 
Producion Designer: Jennifer Hwang 

By: Andrew Vallentine, Director