How to Write Creative Copy: A Step by Step Guide

Stare at a blinking curser for five minutes. Don’t look away, you need to write something good. You don’t have a lot of time.


Get more coffee. That should help. That'll definitely help.  Do I want to make iced coffee? Then I'd have to let it cool in the fridge. Do I have time for that? No, hot coffee it is. Or do I want tea? I should really drink more tea. What was the name of that fancy tea that author used to drink? It's definitely on Instagram.

Check Instagram.

Make iced coffee. Wait for it to cool in the fridge while you check Instagram. 

Back to that damned blinking curser. Inspiration should come any second. I know it will. It almost came once last week.

Rifle through some old papers you wrote in college. Find a random quote. Copy it. This is good right? I liked it at the time. I also liked beer with breakfast. That was normal back then though... Wasn’t it? Screw it. Bad idea. 

Delete it. Blinking curser. 

Notice a small bug on the floor whose middle leg is stuck in a crumb from your breakfast. 


Write something. 

Hate it. Delete it. Blinking curser. 

Write it differently. Add more. Delete, Delete. 


Still hate it. Delete entire Word document. Move to trash.  

Make more coffee. Check Tumblr. That’s all your good at anyways, watching other people be creative. Think about quitting. Think about making more coffee. Think about that bug and it’s crumb. 

Blinking curser.

Open trash can. Contemplate. Recover Word document.

Short on time. Frantically type. Try to think of closing. 

Writers block. Writers block. Writers block. 

Close eyes and hit submit.  

Receive praise.

You knew it was good the whole time. You’re a genius. 

Written (Deleted & Re-Written) by: Brooke Weatherford