On-set footwear & style

Almost everyone has feet, if you work in film & television, they’re going to be used a lot. So what’s the best way to fashionably express the latest in footwear whilst also maintaining comfort and professionalism? Hush, Cruce Grammatico says ‘look no further’.

This editorial is mainly focuses on technicians, whose fashion must meet the functionality constructs created by the rigorous filmmaking process. Whereas more “above the line” positions, aren’t limited by those barriers. So for those few who get to wear whatever they want on set, here are my favorites.
Back to technicians. I subscribe to the idea that fashion and function are not enemies. Functionality is fashionable, repeat after me. So let’s start with the crown jewel of function, Merrell shoes.

They are objectively ugly. However, they are the most comfortable shoes I own and that’s what makes them cool. Who can look down at the guy making sure his functionality is one hundred? No one, especially you. Merrell is the starting point because they are a staple of professionalism.

Onward, to stylish boots. Chelsea boots are gorgeous but I simply can’t respect a technician who sports them. Palladiums and Dr. Martens are far more acceptable as far as comfort and functionality

Firstly, I am incredibly cool for wearing Palladiums. Sported by not only a branch of the french military, but your local sound prodigy. They’re durable and versatile for any circumstance especially on reality television projects. I have yet to encounter an instance in production where they weren’t appropriate, outside of corporate video projects.
And Finally, a seamless segue into those pesky big-budget corporate projects… Boom! These black suede New Balances are my personal choice for low-key, stylish, and professional footwear on projects where everyone’s in suits. They don’t draw attention but are cooler than the freezer I keep my ego in.
In conclusion, the world of technician footwear can sometimes feel limited but with a little digging, everyone can be as chic as Cruce Grammatico. Check out and wear white shoes. Vans are not cool.

Written by: Cruce ‘boyish joy’ Grammatico, Feild Record & Progressive Artist of all Mediums