The Simple Word "No"

Being a creative person you tend to hear a lot of no’s. When you’re a kid and you want to draw on the wall – no. When you’re a high school senior and you want to be a theater major in college– no. When you graduate from university and you apply for a creative position somewhere – no. 

Whether it is society saying no because these careers aren’t “normal” or just competition for these careers are so vast that you end up being rejected often.

When Nick created Eightfold he carved out a caveat to this social norm. He created a space for himself and other creative to work, succeed in business, but also  hone in our passions. 

I’ve brought some ideas to Eightfold that most producers and production companies would have said no to but at Eightfold we said yes to pull it off.  Whether it’s was a one take shot with 50 extras, or shooting 16mm film on a music video we attempt to push the limits. At Eightfold, we have a community that allows for these kind of risks. As cliché as it is to say, we go above and beyond. Sometimes, we care about the final product and nuance more than even the client. It’s because of that abnormal energy that we have been able to rise as fast as we have in commercial production.

These informed risks start as ideas that seem far fetched, but once green-lighted we work to learn exactly how to pull them off. And then, on the day, many times these shoots that were deemed harder in pre-production, end up being some of least stressful shoot. 

I am very proud to be on the directing roster at Eightfold and have a place where I am allowed to push boundaries and create special projects that evoke emotions. It is intriguing to think about what the future holds as we continue to grow. However, I do know for certain we will continue to push our limits and will not be afraid to falter at the simple word no. 


Written by: Keenan Wetzel, Director