The Creative Process


I want to speak on the most important facet of our business and industry - The Creative Process. 

The creative process is one of my favorite aspects of production that I like to focus on.  I really believe that everyone has good ideas regardless of what industry they are in but it is the ones who focus on the physical communication process who are the best understood. Below is a rough outline of the creative process for me. At the end of the day the most important facet of this process is the physical “idea” at hand but for me, what really determines a great creative person is how they can communicate this vision to others, lead a team, and follow through with execution. 
*Note: The creative process can be much more detailed and many more phases can be explored. This is just my macro thoughts on it for a simple blog post.    
 *Note: This is primarily focused on projects where money is on the table for a client. The process can change significantly for passion projects especially if you are working solo. 
The Creative Process:
  • Exploration Phase
    • During this period you collect your variables, budget, timeline and just explore the overall macro view. This is when you should be getting excited. 
  • Ideation Phase 
    • This phase never really ends. At the start of this phase you should try to forget about budget or deadlines. “The world is your oyster). You let loose and don’t worry about anything else. When working under a budget and timely you eventually has to solidify your idea but it can grow, evolve and change all they way until the final product. 
  • Documentation Phase
    • For me as a producer this stage is incredibly important and forgotten way to much. I gently believe if you don’t document your ideas they won’t come to life. Being able to write a synopsis, build treatments, and display the overall view you is mandatory before you try to communicate it to a group of people.
  • Communication Phase 
    • This part of the process to me is the most important. As I stated in my first paragraph, everyone has good ideas but its the ones who know how to communicate there vision will be understood the most. Part of the communication process includes you physical ability to work with others. Being able to co-exist in a group of creatives and lead them you must be likable. During this communication phase people will challenge you and not understand but you must remember to keep you patience, don’t become to emotional and find another way to explain you idea better. Always be open to suggestions and don’t be to fixed on every detail of your idea. Some of the best projects are built by one persons idea but a team of people adding on to it.
  • Execution Phase 
    • This phase includes more communication. From a film standpoint you must still be able to hold your composer and continuously be patient with your team and communicate your final vision. 
Dont Stop Creating. 

Written by: Nick Stachurski, Executive Producer