Eightfold’s move to Detroit was an inevitable stepping stone in the company’s growth. It started with countless drives back to the city building business and community from afar. Later, the search for the perfect space began.  The team was in need of something unique, functional, and convenient. We wanted to put our mark on Detroit in the way that so many hungry artists have.

As all filmmakers know, it’s not about what is in front of you, but how you view it and what you make of it. When Nick Stachurski came across the eggshell photography studio in New Center, Detroit, there was no love at first sight. There was no romantic vision. No sparkle in his eye. The space itself was massive, great for a large set, car shoot green screen project, events or whatever else a large open space requires. On the other hand, a strong echo, a lot of chipped paint, broken down and dilapidated sinks, equipment, and scaffolding could easily bog down any investor upon first impression. Lack of any functional office structure, or running water presented some major issues with the space, creating a major turn off right away. 

The story of the studio is not unique. It is one that is being told over and over and over again in this city, because once spirit of Detroit compels you. You are able see more than what’s there, you see what could be, and you make it yours. 

A number of due dilligence Google searches and property negotiations later, the team retracted to that egg shell space, and decided to see it officially for what could be, not what was. With some initial improvements, creativity and a strong artistic influence, it would become our own. 


Soon after those updates were made, walls were painted, and furniture was brought in, we were able to start confidently pitching and executing studio shoots, late night parties, passion projects, photo shoots, client meetings & everything else. 




The Eightfold studio welcomes all friends, artists, and aspiring creators. Whether you need a space to create, company to work beside, or a platform for your vision - come on over.